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  • Londonderry

    • Ballycarton / Binevenagh

      4.1 badgers

      A good sized forest providing plenty of forest track, some challenging climbs and sections of single track. A breath-taking ride along a grassy path near the cliff edge leads to nice but steep singletrack off the ridge into the forest. Has hosted Downhill races in the past, and is currently enjoying lots of work that will meet the approval of the braver amngst you!

    • Ballykelly Forest

      3.8 badgers

      Small forest with network of forest tracks, and some singletrack loops inside and round the perimeter.

    • Banagher Forest

      2.6 badgers

      An extensive, remote forest containing quite a few miles of forest track and the picturesque Altnaheglish Reservoir.

    • Cam Forest

      3.0 badgers

      Plenty of fire-road tracks, with numerous loop options. Some great climbs, including one to the windmills on the top of Rigged Hill with great views. Also possible to ride a steep technical descent from the top to the west. Single track unknown.

    • Castlerock Dungiven Epic

      3.0 badgers

      An epic of mostly forest tracks combined with occasional sections on minor roads. Possible to extend into Banagher Forest and over Mullaghmore into Glenshane Forest. A tough day's ride.

    • Downhill Forest

      3.0 badgers

      Very easy with a few steep sections (not counting the steps!). Great for families or beginners.

    • Garvagh Forest

      3.5 badgers

      11km of forest paths, and lots of new sections of singletrack. There are some excellent xc trails, about 1.5 to 2hrs riding to be had.

    • Glenshane Forest

      - badgers

      A limited number of forest tracks, a good climb along the Ulster Way to the southern end of the forest. From here, it is possible to follow the Ulster Way on over to Moydamlaght or strike for the summit of Mullaghmore.

    • Iniscarn Forest

      4.0 badgers

      Superb descent off the top of Slieve Gallion, the trail zigzags down the hill before entering the forest, with twisting singletrack and jumps by the river. A very enjoyable 8-9km loop with about 400m of climbing/descending and some amazing views. Well worth a visit, it is superb stuff.

    • Loughermore Forest

      2.5 badgers

      An expansive forest with a number of route options on the forest tracks and lots of altitude gain possible and accompanying high speed descents! Location of a former XC race, but exact location and condition of former race trails unknown.

    • Mountsandel Wood

      - badgers

      Single track, with bumps twists and bends trough trees. Some short challenging climbs but full of fun. It's a complete circuit streching round 3km so you can easily race round numerous times.

    • Moydamlaght Forest

      - badgers

      A compact forest with a waymarked trail on the southern slopes of Mullaghmore. Plenty of forest tracks to keep you busy with the gradient providing leg-burning climbs and high speed descents. Easy to combine with Banagher and/or Glenshane Forests.

    • Slieve Gallion

      4.8 badgers

      If you have not biked on Slieve Gallion, go there! A road to the top (if you need it), lots of height, firetrack, singletrack, gravel, mud, water, open mountain, jumps, forest (Iniscarn), it's got the LOT! Superb!

    • Sperrins Epic

      4.5 badgers

      This epic type trail is best done on a good sunny day, after a long dry period or good hard frost, as it entails crossing open mountain and some boggy sections.

NOTE: The trails on this site have been ridden before, but you should not interpret their inclusion as an indication that mountain-biking is officially sanctioned on them. Seeking permission from landowners is your own responsibility, as is conducting yourself in a manner that is courteous, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the safety of others.