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Belvoir Forest, Antrim

Badger Rating 3.6/5
Network of forest tracks provide some good riding, about 4km of built (and lots of natural) single-track, and lots of bumps and jumps in through the trees. Loads of options along towpath to Mary Peters track, where further single track and jumps can be enjoyed.

Getting There

Accessible from Shaw's Bridge, Outer Ring, top of Malone Road, Belfast.  Park at Shaw’s Bridge, or the Ramada Hotel / Cooke/Instonians rugby ground on the other side of the road, or at the Forest car park within Belvoir Forest.

Trail Description

Club MTB Rider have so far built about 4 km of trail in the forest, sanctioned by Forest Service. Easy to extend riding options along Lagan towpath to the Mary Peters track, where further single track and jumps can be enjoyed.

Be careful as the area is a popular place for families / walkers, so safety and courtesy are of the utmost importance.

The Belvoir Loop - 8.5 miles

This loop starts at the Ramada Hotel car park, takes in Giants Ring, Shawsbridge, Mary Peters Track, Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, Shawsbridge again then back to the car park.  It's a very easy loop, ideal as a night ride, with possibly as much as 50% on the road or towpath. No real climbing to speak of, no real descents just a fair bit of pedalling. Other than the mud bath that is the top of Lady Dixon it's pretty easy going all the way round.

Trails from Belvoir Park Car Park

Starting at the Belvoir Forest car park, take the fireroad to the left of the forest centre building, going downhill. Keep going along this, you'll get to crossroads, and straight through this. Go to the top of the hill. From here, there are several bits of single-track. You'll see plenty of tyre marks.

To your left is the "MTBRider trail", you should see this beside a pile of stones, or a small extra loop a bit further to the left. To your right there are several options, again just follow the tyre treads.

As you enter through Belvoir estate you'll pass football pitches, with some more trails off this. Mud slide is at the far right corner, as you're looking from the road, a bit further round, starting from the all weather pitch there's a hole in the hedge with another trail.

Plenty more options as well and several links, just keep pedalling have a look about. Lots of other options out to Mary Peter's Track and Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park.

Belvoir Park to Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park

From Belvoir, head up the trail past the Ramada and turn left, cross over at the lights and head down the steps, go straight across the Mill Road and up a disused track - look out for dogs.

This brings you out at the entrance to the Giants Ring car park. Go through the Ring and follow the path around, over the stile and onto the road, turn right, about 50 metres long there is another stile on your left, go down that trail, and across the road.

This trail brings you onto the Lagan towpath, turn left and head upstream until the footbridge, cross over here and head back down stream until Mary Peter's track.

Exit Mary Peter's at the main gate and turn left, you will see an offroad track on your left about 25m from the gate, this brings you out on the Malone Road.

Turn left and head down the road for a bit, on your right is a hole in the hedge 100m after Dunmurry Lane that gives you access to Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon park, go thru it and go right at the big tree in front of you, there is a trail here that you should be able to follow out to the Edenderry Bridge and then go back down the towpath to Shaw's Bridge.


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1= Rubbish      5= Badgertastic!
  • Mucky hole, only dry for about 2 weeks in the year due to too much riding and not enough maintenance. Even last year's berms are now all rutted and mucky.

    The MTBRider trail used to be a good loop but is a total bog now.

    Best thing going for Belvoir is location, handy for a quick blast in Belfast without long travel time.

    rating = 2 badgers
  • Really good single track and great berm track, lots more new tracks and jumps are being built in the belvior and mary peters area.
  • Comments
  • Comments Belvoir good XC slippy, muddy, boggy most of the year, great fun some new trails at far end of park.
    Go early main paths get busy with walkers and runners you need to use them to access other trails. Try Barnets wood behind Mary Peters track good trails watch out some trees down also muddy, all adds to the fun .
  • Good fun, plenty of good tracks most are xc orientated tho there is some freeride stuff being built!Does get boggy tho adds to the fun! Believe it or not its great craic on a really wet day or night!
  • One of the better local trails. Learnt all my skills in Barnetts and Belvoir when I was starting out. Plenty to keep you amused, from jumps to drops. New life being breathed into Belvoir with MTBRider constructing new trails in an ongoing project. Loads of scope for further development, hope it continues!
  • Good for a wee blast. Short climbs, short descents, a few drops and jumps about. Gets very boggy in winter.
  • No big climbs, no mad descents, but good for some muddines in the middle of the city. Rooty, slippy and good fun.
  • Very handy to Belfast, has nice flowy, reasonably technical singletrack, and a jump or two if you know where to find them. Good fun, can be a bit muddy, but that adds to the experience. Good luck on the log!
  • A top spot for a quick blast or some quality night riding, easily accessible from the toe path too. 4 Badgers.

NOTE: The trails on this site have been ridden before, but you should not interpret their inclusion as an indication that mountain-biking is officially sanctioned on them. Seeking permission from landowners is your own responsibility, as is conducting yourself in a manner that is courteous, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the safety of others.