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Slieveanorra Forest, Antrim

Badger Rating 3.0/5
Remote in the Heart of the Antrim Plateau. Extensive forest with many kms of forest track including a good tight climb to the radio masts on the summit.

Getting There

Accessible off the A43 North of Ballymena, North of Newtoncrommelin (B64).  Park anywhere outside forest and pick up the network of forest track.

Trail Description

Good tight climb from the south west side up forest track to radio masts on summit. Fast twisty descent down forest tracks to north east side. No known single track. 

The Ulster Way / Moyle Way goes from the summit, but it’s not the fast open mountain downhill you would hope for.  It’s boggy and tricky and slow, and better biking options are to be found by studying a map.

Possible to ride as part of an epic linking with Breen Wood, Ballycastle Forest and Ballypatrick Forests, or as part of the full Moyle Way. Some fantastic views across the Antrim Plateau to Scotland on good days. Quite a remote location.


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  • I've come down off the mountain, following the Ulster Way. It is a good decent over very boggy ground, expect the bike to disappear into a few bog holes, you'll have a soft landing. We tried following the path up Trostan, but aborted as the trial disappeared.

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