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Woodburn Forest, Antrim

Badger Rating 3.6/5
Network of forest tracks (13kms), with lots of short single-track loops built by local riders.

Getting There


Accessible from B58 between Carrickfergus and Ballyclare (Ballynure), or from B90 Carrick to Mossley Road.  Park at Knockagh Monument (Co Antrim War Memorial on the map) to the south of Woodburn Forest or at the carpark beside the Church at the north east corner of Woodburn Forest marked as a small cross on the map.

Trail Description

Some of the single-track can be difficult to piece together if you’re new to the forest, so if you go for the first time and expect the trails to be nicely sign-posted, forget it!  Best to hook up with locals via one of the online forums.

Both Woodburn Forest and Cam Forest contain an extensive network of forest tracks and are divided by the roads running through them.

Some of these trails are long and dry but many can be muddy and heavy going during the Winter – best to visit during a dry spell. Most single track trails can be found in the southern portion of Woodburn Forest in and around the two larger dams although a good loop can be found in the small portion of forest cut off by the two roads between Woodburn and Carn Forests.

The forests are used regularly by motocross and trail bike riders and are a popular destination for dog walkers, so be cautious. There are no significant height gains within the forests although the number of forest trails and single track trails provide plenty of route options to keep you busy for 2 - 3 hours.

To make a longer loop it is possible to link, via road, to Mourne Lough to the North-East where some trails can be found around the lake. Further extension can be made by following the trails marked on the map to Porg Hill from where it’s either retrace your tyre tracks or take the road back to your car.

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Woodburn trails map


trail head marker Trail Head

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  • Excellent ride, though can get very muddy, especially the shoreside bit at the far left reservoir. Make sure you have mudguards during a wet spell. Also watch out for Sunday strollers and families as it easy to plough into them round some corners. There are some smaller tracks off the map which you can try. It is possible to get a good speed up around this track. Also when finished take the Woodburn Road (40% gradient in parts) into Carrick for a high speed thrill. Watch the hump!
  • i am planning on making a new trail there, i am unsure of what sort though, it will probably be very fast singletrack with a few jumps and bridges to get over the rivers that flow through it. it will hopefully be a very big run that starts you off at the style at the knockagh road and finishes at the anglers car park beside the white church, this wont be started until mid way through the summer and wont be ready for a while because i am working mostly alone with little more than an axe a shovel and a bike. once it is done i will post picks and information, the start will have to be hidden though to keep those idiots on their scramblers away from it, they should get a few nasty surprises should they try to follow it as i have already mapped out parts that will pose quite a problem to them.
  • This is close to home for me and as this was my first mtb experience (i'm a roadie)it was an easy choice.I printed out the trail and followed it round,probably took about 1 1/2 hrs.I did go off the fire roads but got a bit lost and the ground was really soft and gluey so back to the fire roads.Without the trail map i would have been totally lost as there are no markings to tell you where the good tracks are.
  • rayn111 is right it is very quick (dont no about the back flips though)but you do need something to do with all that speed. like table tops,whoops, and some wee kicks. (if you can help please reply back
  • i agree with matthew it is very good in the dry and very quick. but needs more jump and things like matthew said. if you went u would love it but u would probily want the same if u had a bit of experience.
  • this is a class track when dry that is y it gets a 4 from me it would get a five if there were some jump/drop offs for the more experienced riders
  • Some good singletrack when it's dry, turns very gloopy in the winter. Close to home, so use the fireroads for just getting the miles in. 3 Badgers from me.

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