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Ballycarton / Binevenagh, Londonderry

Badger Rating 4.1/5
A good sized forest providing plenty of forest track, some challenging climbs and sections of single track. A breath-taking ride along a grassy path near the cliff edge leads to nice but steep singletrack off the ridge into the forest. Has hosted Downhill races in the past, and is currently enjoying lots of work that will meet the approval of the braver amngst you!

Getting There

Off the A2, 5 miles north of Limavady.  Turn left onto Bishops Road B201 and follow the signs.  Park at the picnic area just off the junction of the A2 and B69.  Or park at the lake at the top of the mountain.

Trail Description

See map below.  From Ballycarton Wood follow the path running adjacent to the A2 for a short distance before the trail starts to climb through the forest. The trail meanders as you travel north gaining height before it undulates along the foot of the mountain. The route is waymarked throughout the forest. After 2 miles the forest opens to your right revealing the cliff face of Binevenagh where you may see ravens, peregrines, buzzards or even gliders soaring above you (CAAN content from link below)

There are some really interesting single-tracks down through the trees, some with man made jumps included. Every now and then the fire track interrupts it but its easy to pick up on down.

A good launch point for an epic taking in Ballyhanna, Springwell and Cam forests.




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  • Some great downhill runs, mostly short and steep but you can have a full days riding between binevenagh and ballycarton. Sweep drops, ladders, gaps and some nice flowing singletrack. Plus you can do it all on a hardtail too if your man enough.
  • Hit 45mph on the path down to the road, far faster than the car :)
    Just remember to hold on and j-hop the potholes and it's the most fun run in the country.
  • What can be said about this place that can add to its already iconic status as the jewel in the crown of Mountainbiking in the area. AWESOME
    You should try the loop that starts in Limavady.
    It takes about 3 hours and you need to be fit and a good bike handler especially for some of the off road and downhill runs.
    Coming down from the windmills on an old quad/sheep track has to be done at least once.
    Its called the 5 forests run and I remember Barrie Clarke and Caroline Alexander riding it. Barrie thought it was really good and loved Ballykelly Forest as well.
  • Best place in NI to ride! The ride from the Lake down is the best run in the country! Gerat for xc and downhill.

    There still is a DH Track as there was 2 tracks and 1 was destroyed because of fireroad improvements! The other trail can be found to the right in among the small trees on the straight bit of fireroad leading up to the old trail.

    This downhill tail is very steep and features a bomb hole.

    At the top of this track you have the decision to ride the downhill trail or the new trail that I built a few Months ago! It also features a bomb hole and some noth shore! but unfortuntally leads no where so to get back to the car park you have to walk back up the trail, and ride the old dh trail.

    There is also a floaty trail which is very fun the ride, the big table top at the end has been destroyed but if u walk up the trail u will see the rest of the trail, still alot of fun to ride.
  • Stunning views at the cliff-edge trail, and Loads of scariness! Good sized forest and you can easily put the miles in on the forest tracks. Absolute lung-buster of a climb to the top if you start at the bottom of Ballycarton wood! alternatively park one car at the bottom and the other at the top. The Downhill stuff is well scary, and some of the trails just disappear into the forest where the fallen trees have not been cleared and getting through the mud is hard. An all-day ride!
  • Beautiful area of natural beauty, with views over Lough Foyle and Donegal. Warning: the downhill stuff is crazy... the terrain and steepness is scary.
  • From Binevenagh lake the cliff edge path has amazing views, and possible imminent death if you get it wrong, go easy on the first time. Into the trees and it can be very muddy, steep, techy and nearly unrideable in winter, the route isn't clear either.
    The DH course is no more, but there are other trails to be had, one in particular is fast with jumps and stuff. There is an xc link to the old dh course to it.

NOTE: The trails on this site have been ridden before, but you should not interpret their inclusion as an indication that mountain-biking is officially sanctioned on them. Seeking permission from landowners is your own responsibility, as is conducting yourself in a manner that is courteous, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the safety of others.