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Iniscarn Forest, Londonderry

Badger Rating 4.0/5
Superb descent off the top of Slieve Gallion, the trail zigzags down the hill before entering the forest, with twisting singletrack and jumps by the river. A very enjoyable 8-9km loop with about 400m of climbing/descending and some amazing views. Well worth a visit, it is superb stuff.

Getting There

Park at the top of Slieve Gallion (or at Iniscarn Bridge on the North East side of the forest, as marked on the map, and ride up).  The forest is on the slopes of Slieve Gallion, 7 miles west of Magherafelt, and 7 miles North of Moneymore.

Trail Description

From the road at the top, pass the radio masts on their south side and head for the stile you can see on the fence. Once over the stile, follow the fence to the right and pick up the faint trail heading south-east. The sides are banked up and hard to see at the start. This trail zigzags down the hill before entering the forest and bringing you to the top of the gravel forest track.

Alternatively, once over the stile follow the line of the telegraph poles for a very steep descent to the same point (don't advise this in anything other than drought, as it can be very slippery). Follow the gravel path to the north-east for a very fast flying kilometre descent that's sure to put a grin on your face. Bear north (left) at a clearing and follow some good single track (markers attached to some branches) across to the top of another forest track. From here, cross the stream and follow a quad track through the trees and back over the stream again. A short blast down the forest track will lead you to a further section of quad track that will have you smiling all the way to the bottom of the forest. To ride the single-track section again simply ride up the forest track.

To complete the loop, exit the forest and head south-east along the road. Take the first road on the right which turns into a rideable landrover track taking you towards the top. Finish along the mountain road to the mast (or take the slight shortcut along the track).

This is sheep country but we've found the local farmers to be very friendly if due courtesy is shown. A very enjoyable 8-9km loop with about 400m of climbing/descending and some amazing views across the whole country on good days. Well worth a visit and easy to combine with Slieve Gallion or Davagh to make a day of it.

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  • Park at the gate next to the road and push up the bermed track behind the bus stop shelter until you rejoin the paved road from out of the bushes, then turn around and ride back down for a great DH trail. Berms, jumps drops and secret trails. Cool.
  • Not bad some places get mucky in wet weather, but pick a sunny day and take the map of here and the slieve gallion one and spend the day combining the two. Theres a full days riding in it with good hard climbs and mental descents. 35 mph on the flyin kilo
  • Its not worth the trip went today to see what it was like and all trails are in bad shape, can barely see them and just not fun
  • I T S C A R Y
  • Some great single track and fast fireroads. Located on the side of slieve Gallion mountain. Use the roads to reach the top of the mountain for a long decent to the bottom carpark
  • Great fun. Great singletrack, although it can get a bit gloopy in bits. If done with other bits of Slieve Gallion, it is hard to beat.

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