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Slieve Gallion, Londonderry

Badger Rating 4.8/5
If you have not biked on Slieve Gallion, go there! A road to the top (if you need it), lots of height, firetrack, singletrack, gravel, mud, water, open mountain, jumps, forest (Iniscarn), it's got the LOT! Superb!

Getting There

5 miles northwest of Moneymore (which is signposted from Magherafelt).  Park at Carndaisy Glen (marked on map) and ride (or take 2nd car) up the road towards the mast at the top of Slieve Gallion. Where the road bears right to the mast (marked on map) follow the rough double track south-west to the summit cairn (528m).

Trail Description

If you have not biked on Slieve Gallion, go there! A road to the very top (if you need it), lots of height, firetrack, singletrack, gravel, mud, water, open mountain, forest (Iniscarn), it's got the LOT! Superb!

This is a good technical climb along double track but can be difficult in places with some VERY deep puddles best avoided. A quad path to the right of the main track provides a slightly easier route.

A short walk from the fence to the cairn will be required unless you're a climbing animal, as the ground is too soft most of the year.

From the summit cairn, descend south picking up the mountain track (can be difficult to follow initially) for a fantastic, fast, 2.5km open mountain, double track descent.  This has become gloop for about the first quarter mile, but stick with it - it's a brilliant descent once you hit the rough double track.

At the bottom cross the gate and follow tarmac lane south-east to the road.

An alternative, but equally enjoyable, descent from the summit cairn can be found by following the twistier track 350m to the south-south-east. This is a slightly rougher track and there are a number of gates to cross that break up the flow of the 3.5km descent to the road.

Take the road north-east to the top of Carndaisy Glen where a further fast twisty descent back to car awaits. Exercise some caution around the blind corners - the Glen can be popular with walkers (please be courteous to all you meet).

A number of other tracks marked on the map are there to be explored. This mountain is sheep country so exercise the country code at all times and take the time to speak to any farmers you may encounter.

Best to avoid during lambing season (Feb to April). Possible to link together with Davagh and Iniscarn Forests as part of an epic route.


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  • from the little sign near the radio mast at the top, to the right is a pretty rough and fun descent, but if you go straight on towards the telephone mast is one of the most technical downhill runs i've ever ridden! it is unbelievably steep and rough, i would reccommend it to anyone who would like to test out their balls.
    after that is a few mile of downhill fireroad and then the flowy downhill course in iniscarn, which is great and all, but theres not much that can beat the telephone track at the top :)
  • Not bad some places get mucky in wet weather, but pick a sunny day and take the map of here and the iniscarn one and spend the day combining the two. Theres a full days riding in it with good hard climbs and mental descents. 35 mph on the flyin kilo
  • This is a great day out if it is dry. However we went there on Sunday and the trail at Cairndaisy glen has been ruined in my opinion. Used to be a fun technical trail but has now been leveled out by a bulldozer and is just not fun. Its a real shame. trail from the mountain are fun but over too soon!
  • Flippin' Brilliant!! long 30-40 minute thigh-burning climb to the top. Well worth for the super fast descent's!

    Top spot
  • The best location in mid-ulster with Davagh close second. heafty climb up but worth it for the number of optional descents. watch the stones and deep gullies.
  • As good a downhill run as you'll find on this side if the Irish sea. Of the 2 routes I've tried off the top - both have been long and very very fast - make sure the old quick releases are well tightened!! Good hard slog back up to the top - great spot!
  • As good a place as any to spend a day biking. Lots and lots of options off the top, with loads of wee trails down. Is a bit like the some of the hills round Rostrevor in terms of type of riding. Great open mountain biking, and some great rough 'landrover' tracks. It is a BIG hill.

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