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Gortin Glen Forest, Tyrone

Badger Rating 3.7/5
A number of sanctioned trails exist including a downhill course, in the North part of the forest above Glenpark Road. Also great technical purpose-built singletrack, with 90-degree switchbacks, steep descents, jumps and various other obstacles. You will not be disappointed, but be ready for the climbs!

Getting There

10 miles North of Omagh on the B48. Drive out of Omagh towards Gortin, turn left down Lisnaharney Road. Park at the first Forestry lay-by on your right. There will be a sign for mountainbiking.

Trail Description

Basically explore the forest and you will notice little sign posts for trails etc. If you ride around it long enough you will get the idea and the best route to include everything. Take the downhill track back down instead of going right up to the mast, as the trail from the mast down is massively overgrown and not really a trail at all.

Plenty of altitude to play with here, including the climb to summit of Mullaghcarn. Watch the speed on some of the descents - loose gravel and tight turns make for some hairy cornering.

Gortin Glen is also a good spot for the family, as there are loads of other trails and facilities (see leaflet linked below).  Be careful on the bikes, as parts of Gortin Glen are popular with families / walkers, and safety and courtesy are of the utmost importance.


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  • Up today, no rain, but there was the whole week! First time, up with a mate who's a regular, absolutely brilliant, big climbs, but that's good for u, worth the climbing!
  • In a nutshell, potential vistors to this area need to be aware of the following:

    The trails are short and the red (expert) trail is only 5 miles. It is 75% fire road (yes, 75% fire road). This shares the blue route with the addition of a side loop taking in the DH course. The start of the ride, at the trail head, is flowing single track followed by a seriousl climb as advertised. Thereafter it is mostly fire road. At least half the way markers have been vandalised (MTB only, not walking) so photograph the map at the trail head for reference as I did. The balance of climbing and descending is totally wrong here, the climbs are not rewarded with suitable decsents. The newly destroyed DH course (see Stephen's comment below)is fast and loose with a few drops and steps but the big airs are apparently gone but I'm not a DHer so it doesn't bother me. This section is absolutely not worth the climb up and there is nothing of obvious interest at the very top by the mast. The forest section of the NPS DH course remians but you have to look for the entry. This is rooty and technical with ditch jumps (not attempted on first ride). Also, the single track section on the map at what I approximate to be GR487823 is missing and there are certainly no signs, I went up and down the fire road looking but saw no sign. I cannot understand why this place has an average score of 4/5. It was only worth th edrive from Fivemiletown to say that I have done it.
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  • Just a quick heads up. Forest Service have once again destroyed the Downhill course. All jumps drops etc have been flattened and whole thing covered with gravel. Flat and Boring.

  • outstanding - shit weather but fine venue
  • Some nice but short singletrack, with something for all skill levels its a pity theres just not enough of it. Theres a good DH trail but could do with some maintenance. Theres still a good days riding though
  • Some great trails to be found here. There are two mountains which provide a climbing challenge and a pupose built downhill track, although this has not been well maintained. :( Some nice single track to found also. Well worth a visit!
  • This is a truly brilliant trail. It is very long and intense. Well worth checking out!!!
  • Have only ever ridden this site once, again, the round trip don;t make it worth while at the moment, but am willing to help out over weekends to rebuild trails. Who do i get in touch with?
  • some good singletrack but not enough of it! forest service destroyed a few good tracks so if they were repaired wouldn't be a bad few hours ride. forest paths very hilly!good downhill course if you like that sort of thing.unless you were within 30mins drive away wouldn't bother going just yet!
  • It has a good trail network, would ride here every week, hassome great hard climbs and some fast descents!mostly all on hard pack or gravel! Amate of mine Paul Mc Menamin, myself and a few others are going to reopen some of the trails the forestry destroyed awhile back ago! think wer starting now over christmas!
  • During the early 00's it was probably one of the best places to ride DH. Unfortunately many of the trails got destroyed and i stopped driving the 150mile round trip for a days fun. Glad to hear a race was run there this year(07)and that some developments have taken place again in the re-establishing of the courses. I would drive down again if they got some good reviews on here or some other site. Plenty of scope for major DH & XC stuff.
  • A huge forest park with miles of forest roads and quite a few trails existing from a trail building movement a few years ago.

NOTE: The trails on this site have been ridden before, but you should not interpret their inclusion as an indication that mountain-biking is officially sanctioned on them. Seeking permission from landowners is your own responsibility, as is conducting yourself in a manner that is courteous, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the safety of others.